5 Questions to Ask on a Venue Tour

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So you just got engaged, and the first step is picking the perfect spot to say “I Do” and dine & dance the night away, right? But the venue search can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if you’re still deciding on what style fits your wedding vision the best! We created a list of 5 questions to ask on every venue tour, that way you can choose the perfect spot for your wedding day!

1. What is your availability?

This may seem like an obvious question to some, however for couples who are set on one specific date, it’s especially important to know that the venue is available on your wedding day (before you fall in love with it). If your date is flexible, let the venue know that. This helps your tour guide ensure you are given all of the available dates they have to offer!

2. What is the maximum capacity?

So you have your guest list made, and although it’s very uncommon for EVERY single person who is invited to attend, be sure that your venue can accommodate the largest number of guests you’re expecting. Not only does this affect the venue’s safety & fire codes, but other factors such as available parking, number of guests per table, etc. will also be affected. You want to ensure guests will be comfortable throughout the day, not overcrowded.

3. Is the deposit refundable? Can my date be moved if we change our mind?

Before you book any vendors for your big day, be sure you understand the deposit and contract signing process. Sometimes, the deposit is only refundable within a certain amount of time, or it’s not at all. For example, some venues will not offer a refund unless the date is rebooked to ensure they do not lose a prime date. It is also possible the date cannot be moved, or can be moved for a fee. Venue touring is always exciting and fun as you envision your big day, but remembering to ask about the formal booking process is always a good idea!

4. What is included in the venue rental?

Depending on where you’re touring, you may be renting just venue space, or you may be renting a venue that also provides catering, event coordinating, tables & chairs, etc. All venues offer different amenities with their rentals, and knowing what is included in the price will help you stick to your budget and not be surprised by added expenses later on (linens, extra time, day-of coordinating, etc.)! We recommend asking if setup and cleanup time, tables and chairs, parking, decorations and catering are provided by the venue, as they are big factors for your wedding day, no matter the venue.

5. Can I bring… ?

This is an open ended question that only you can finish! Are you looking to have real candles? Your sweet pup in your ceremony? A caterer of your choice, not in-house or from a list? Make sure the venue can accommodate any special requests that are important to you. Remember, it’s your day that has to be perfect! Your venue and vendors should be supporting you the entire way!

Thanks for reading!

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