Wedding Exit Ideas for your Big Day!

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It’s your wedding day, and of course you want every detail to be perfect. But before you get too busy in the whirlwind of wedding planning, don’t forget to think about how you want to end the evening… with a sparkler exit perhaps? We’ve included three fun ideas below for you and your guests to enjoy!

Wedding Exit Inspiration

#1. Have you ever heard of a glow stick exit? Our team saw one for the first time at our second location, Gramercy Mansion, just this past wedding season, and we loved all of the neon colors! These two shared a kiss at the end of their glow stick aisle to make for a picture-perfect night. Plus, look how much fun the guests are having!

#2. Want to have a special exit after the ceremony, and not at the end of the evening? Check out the bubble exit below. After these two said “I do,” guests lined their aisle with bubbles before it was their turn to join in. A bonus to this idea is bubbles are inexpensive!

#3. The ever-popular and classic sparkler exit is always a good idea to end your wedding night, and our front porch steps make for the perfect spot! Dance your way to your exit car surrounded by all of your loved ones. A tip from our team: get the longer, 36-inch sparklers, so that you have more time to get photos as you leave the venue!

Grey Rock Mansion for your Wedding

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